Las Vegas Trivia

Today gambling is an independent industry that embraces numerous gambling resorts and different kinds of entertainments over the Internet with good online casino bonus offers. As gambling has been known for thousands of years there are many exciting facts around gambling games in different cultures and eras. Read some of them and find out more about casino gambling in general and different casino games in particular.

1. It is believed that Roulette game was invented by the notorious scientist Blaise Pascal as a result of his tries and multiple experiments held in order to develop perpetual motion machine.

2. The original playing cubes that are today used at craps game were used by foretellers to predict the future.

3. Gambling activities were first legalized in Nevada back in 1931.

4. According to studies, the players cheat mostly at private games rather than at special gambling venues.

5. In fabulous Las Vegas the number of all slot machines is so great that every eight resident may take a seat and gamble.

6. Purple crayons used in Bingo are the most popular with the gamblers.

7. After you calculate all numbers present on the roulette you will get the sum of 666 that is thought to be the Satan's number. Thus roulette game and gambling are often associated with the Devil and Hell.

8. Big stocks are usually named the blue chips. This name came from poker games where blue chips are of higher denomination than red and white ones.

9. There exist 44 million ways to make B-I-N-G-O on the Bingo card containing 90 numbers.

10. From Spanish Las Vegas means the "meadows".

11. There are as a rule no clocks and windows at the casinos and other gaming establishments.

12. Slot players are most vulnarable to gambling addiction. However, the authorities try to create the problem gambling awareness among the players who also prefer.

13. Today the players can play internet blackjack with live dealers.

14. Nearly 24% of Americans claimed that at least once they were involved in illegal gambling.

15. Each day at Caesars Palace, one of the biggest Las Vegas casinos and hotels, 7,000 breakfasts are served for players. Every 24 hours about 2.8 million eggs are eaten, 3,000 ounces of orange juice and 427 pounds of coffee are consumed at this casino.

16. The popular MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas is bigger than the Yankee Stadium.

17. Stratosphere Casino and Hotel situated in Las Vegas is the tallest construction on the west of the Mississippi.

18. First sandwich was invented by John Montagu, the 4-th Earl of Sandwich, who used to order fried meat between two pieces of bread and this allowed him to keep one hand free when gambling.

19. The first law that stopped gambling in Massachusetts was passed back in 1638.