How Players Cheat Casinos

According to Nevada legislation, cheating is a felony which leads to criminal responsibility. All the practices which include cheating are banned at the casinos, nevertheless, there are lots of examples of casino cheats which were applied by tricksters. In other areas there may not be the law relating casino cheating however every illegal action at the casino halls is fraud.

There exist different gambling strategies and methods that are not cheats and are not prohibited by the casino rules. For instance, today blackjack card counting is legal strategy at most gambling establishments, nevertheless some of them ban gamblers who count cards. Below we list the most frequent advantage systems which were invented by the players at different times. Pay attention that we do not encourage cheating and the following materials is considered to be just the additional data that you may find interesting.

Advanced Casino Cheating

Pasposting is the popular technique applied by the gamblers at all games after the bet is already won. The gambler who applies this technique must replace imperceptibly the small denomination chip with the larger casino chip in order to get paid out.

Cards mucking is one more popular cheating technique which needs much practice and is quite easy to be revealed. The player simply switches some of the cards with the better ones which have been previously hidden in the sleeve.

Some of the players use various methods to mark playing cards during the play. It is possible by marking the specific cards beforehand and this method involves the help from outside, from the dealer. Sometimes the tricksters manage to leave the marks on the cards during the gameplay by banding them. It must be accomplished very carefully.

At the games in which the players participate in the dealing the cards, it is possible to make the fake deals. All you may need is to study to deal the selected card from the top or bottom of the deck and make the particular cut. However, any system does not work at online slot machines and other games you play at online casinos where all the operations are automatic.

Furthermore, the gamblers prefer to play blackjack and poker in the team and in this way they can easily cheat the others by signaling to each other the values of the hands. In case there are not attentive and simply not watchful gamblers at the game it is possible to watch the cards of the opponents.

Casino Security

As you may understand, many and to be honest all cheats may be easily discovered by the casino security team that does all possible to protect the casino from the losses caused by cheating. All the dealers as a rule follow the special rules of shuffling and dealing the cards and use only the standard moves and gestures. This practice prevents them from making the false deals and encouraging the con men. The casinos security also includes numerous electronic devices that record the gamblers at the casino tables and apply other hi-tech methods to reveal the cheaters.